Thesis Show: The Intracies Of A Black Woman's Modern World

Artist Statement

My artwork depicts black people’s stories. Being an African-American woman living in the 21st century influences my daily life and art. I am a part of an extensive family history made of impactful events from my ancestors' past leading to the present, to me. My own life has had impactful events occur throughout it. Certain experiences from my life are ones that other people can relate to. Daily experiences ranging from moments of outer joy and inner fulfillment to moments of fear and inner struggle. There are not often discussions held about the experiences of black people, particularly in art.


A recent discussion I have been having with myself about what it means to be a black woman in modern society. This discussion extended itself to other black women of all ages who were willing to share their stories with me. My show highlights both my own stories my fellow black women shared. We need to have these conversations, and my artwork begins the discussion.

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